How we’re run

Everything Cultivate Aberdeen does is geared towards achieving our vision of creating kind, confident, and connected communities in Aberdeen through the power of food growing.

We can only achieve this thanks to the generosity of our members and volunteers. In return, we aim to be as transparent as possible so you can be sure that our funds are being used wisely and that our goals are achievable and being met.

Cultivate Aberdeen is governed by a team of dedicated trustees

As a two-tied SCIO* (Scottish Charity Incorporated Organisation) we are also governed and accountable to our members, who have certain powers under our constitution. Any changes to our constitution and certain resolutions required by members are voted at our AGM.

Cultivate Aberdeen is also a member of the Scottish Fundraising Standards Panel as whilst we are committed to raising funds to help us deliver our projects and achieve our goals, we are also committed to best practice fundraising that is ethical, responsible, and transparent. In other words, you can trust us with the pound in your pocket if you want to donate it: