Who we are

Our vision is to create kind, confident, and connected communities in Aberdeen through the power of food growing.

Cultivate Aberdeen is a community initiative that provides food-growing and sustainable practice education and facilities to local areas across Aberdeen with a vision to create kind, confident, and connected communities through the power of food growing.

Cultivate Aberdeen was established in 2018 by a University of Aberdeen student who believing in the power of small actions, created the charity as the answer to Aberdeen’s need to have a dedicated organisation supporting food-growing in the City and supporting those groups already making a difference within their communities. Along with growing our own edible gardens and running a host of community projects Cultivate is also an enabler for those groups who are struggling with funding, governance, or sustaining ideas. This support also extends to helping Aberdeen City Council achieve their targets outlined in the Food Growing Strategy .

We recognise the importance of food, and sustainability education, and we want to empower the North East to think differently about food, it is our mission for people of all ages and communities to play a part in Aberdeen’s sustainability through food-growing but to not only be able to grow for PEOPLE, grow for the PLANET, and grow for WILDLIFE but to also have the confidence to cook healthy, hearty meals using the fruits of their labour grown right here in the Granite City.

Our Four Key Values:

We want to empower communities to feel confident to grow big or grow small; from window boxes or back gardens to station platforms or park corners, wherever we can grow we will do so for the benefit of others, with all food grown free and accessible for anyone to take, eat, and enjoy.

By being kind, local, connected, and ambitious we can use food growing as tangible evidence of communities coming together to achieve wider goals around food insecurity, mental health and wellbeing, social cohesion, and intergenerational working.