Post-grad to plant-mum: Holly’s lovely Oxalis.

As a student just finishing her degree in these times of Coronavirus, I have found myself with very little to do. As the first year of a new decade I had 2020 all planned out: I would graduate university with my degree in Psychology, get a job, pass my driving test, see my friends, and eventually move onto post-graduate study. I think I speak for all of us when I say that most or all of our plans for this year have been well and truly tanked.

With this in mind, I have really struggled to keep a positive mindset. My final semester and all the celebrations that came with it were cut short, including a holiday I had planned with some of my friends. Spending most of my time in Aberdeen over the past four years, I was summoned back home to Edinburgh to stay with my family, and have been here ever since. Thankfully, a few years ago my parents decided to finally give our back garden a makeover (after putting it off for 15 years) and were almost wetting themselves with excitement that quite frankly I couldn’t quite muster. I had pinned this down to being in my early 20s and not having a green thumb. I had been enjoying our garden at a normal level until recently when a combination of sunny warm weather and the Coronavirus meant that unless I wanted to go insane, I needed to go outside.

My government-allocated daily exercise wasn’t quite cutting it for excitement, so I asked my parents for ideas, and they suggested gardening. I’m pretty sure my mum almost cried when I asked her where we could go for some plants, and off we went to our closest M&S. A couple hours later, I was planting some Oxalis to grow indoors. As well as giving a very bored student something to focus her energy on, it is nice to think that in 12-15 weeks I could have some nice purple plants to brighten up my very pale room. I was quite surprised at how satisfying it was to add that final little bit of compost into a light green jug and put it in a sunny spot in my porch. I’m pretty much a gardening novice (for the last 4 years I have been living in a place titled the ‘Granite City’) so if it turns out I do not have a knack for this gardening stuff at least I have a nice jug? Either way, I’m giving it a go, I think it’s a good way to spend your days if like me you have suddenly become unbusy!