Giving Communities The Power To Grow At Home

We’re excited to be launching a new initiative to encourage individuals and families to grow their own across the city. 120 growing kits will be made available to individuals and families who are self-isolating in Torry, Hilton, and City Centre in a pilot scheme which will then launch across the city, successful pilot permitting, in an effort to raise spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The growing kits, we hope, will inspire individuals to not only grow their own food from seed but to hopefully harness a growing interest, promote the benefits of food-growing, and to be an outlet for stress and anxiety during these times. The kits will also include a recipe card and tools to build resilience in a bid to maximise wellbeing efforts. The kits are also being praised for being great learning opportunities for children and as an added activity to do during a stressful lockdown.

George Bellamy, Founder and Chair, said “during these difficult times we’re offering free kits to anyone who is self-isolating who has an interest in growing or simply wants to give it a go. We are particularly eager to help those who do not have access to their own garden”. He continued “we know the benefits that gardening has on a person’s physical and mental wellbeing and so we want to promote any efforts that help during COVID”.

Volunteer and Young Trustee Emma Lawford with our COVID Home Growing Kits

The pilot will focus on the regeneration areas and will work with food banks, housing, and mental health charities to identify individuals who could benefit from the scheme. It is hoped that pending a successful trial and funding availability that the scheme will then be rolled out across the City to anyone who wants to be involved and Cultivate are already encouraging people to sign-up via their website.

We want to encourage people to grow their own and feel connected through this shared effort, and whilst we aren’t able to start work on our outdoor community projects due to the pandemic we can certainly share ways to stay connected, promote Aberdeen’s resilience and give communities the power to grow.

Register your interest in a free home growing kit here.