Cultivate Memories – Donate a Tree

Cultivate Memories by Planting a Tree in Memory or Celebration of a Loved One

Individuals, communities, organisations, and schools are all invited to donate and plant a tree in memory or celebration of a loved one.

It has been a year since the start of the national lockdown restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we are no stranger to how difficult that year has been for many of us and particularly for those who have lost loved ones.

Each sapling you donate towards is helping to create habitats that will benefit people and wildlife for years to come. Whether you want to give back to the environment or share a special gift with someone else, each donation comes with a personalised certificate for you to print at home and the guarantee that we will plant a sapling for you or in memory of your loved one.


George Bellamy, Chairman, who’s mother passed away in March 2020 said “I’ve found it’s so very important to have a place of remembrance for loved ones, whether that be a favourite cafe you used to visit, the homes you lived, a tree you planted or the headstone you memorialise. Having that ‘bereavement destination’, especially when we continue to be distanced from our loved ones and support bubbles due to the pandemic is vital in order to deal with our mounting grief, and it’s been a process I’ve unfortunately also recently experienced”.

“That’s why we’re hoping this initiative will help with those who have lost loved ones, whether that be during this difficult year or in years past, to plant something that will bloom in posterity, support the environment and the local community and its wildlife, and be a place to always come and remember the memories and see the love continue to blossom year on year”.


Our suggested minimum donation amount is £5 as this is what it costs us to plant one new sapling. No matter what the size of your gift, your donation to our Cultivate Memories Fund will help create beautiful green spaces for people and wildlife to thrive and act as a place to remember the loved ones lost.

Whatever your reason for dedicating, each order comes with a personalised certificate and the location coordinates of where your tree is planted in our St Fitticks’ Garden. Trees are planted during the next available planting season, which runs from November to March.

Choose Your Donation Amount and Help Us Grow

Cultivate Memories

Donate towards the planting of a tree in memory of celebration of a loved one.

You Can Also Plant a Tree With Us!

Give the gift that keeps on growing and become a volunteer and help us plant trees and cultivate communities at one of our dedicated community growing days. Due to COVID-19 and current restrictions these have been paused to allow us to ensure we aren’t encouraging unnecessary travel but we look forward to being able to offer these again soon and you can pre-register your interest here.