Depot site gets garden go ahead

Local charity given lease to transform a former council depot into a community garden

After months of campaigning and fundraising Cultivate Aberdeen has received a lease to create an edible community garden at the former council depot site on St Fitticks’ Road, Torry.

Aberdeen City Council has granted the charity five years to develop the site in which time Cultivate aim to establish a community garden space, tiered orchard, recreation and seating areas, along with an education area for schools and community groups to have outdoor education lessons on site.

Chairman George Bellamy believes the £30,000 project will be an important asset for the community “community growing sites should be an important part of our city landscape; providing space to grow local food and tackle issues around food-insecurity and provide outdoor spaces for wellbeing and recreation.” Aberdeen City Council has highlighted the importance of food growing by launching their own Food Growing Strategy this year.

Cultivate’s first aim will be to clear the site, which has been overgrown for many years, before developing the landscape in line with their vision.

If you want to volunteer or find out more about the project you can email or visit