Hilton Heritage Garden

Hilton’s Heritage Garden and Community Hub is a project we aim to launch in 2021 with an initial consultation phase, to gain community support and raise engagement with local sustainability efforts, commencing November 2021. Hilton Outdoor Sports Centre will consist of three exciting projects revolving around food, heritage, and sport.

Community Edible Garden

Our Edible Garden will be open to all within the community providing access to free healthy fruit and vegetables in a safe and relaxing green space in the heart of the community. Nestled next to Stewart Park, and a great children’s play area, the location is perfectly situated to link into other healthy activity such as sport and play. 

Heritage Garden

Linking into the Community Edible Garden will be a heritage element, exploring the city’s link to food rationing during World War Two and exploring how the North East played its part in ‘Digging for Britain’. The Dig for Britain campaign was launched by Aberdonian Professor John Raeburn and this element of the site will link generations young and old in a visual heritage project that will not only be educational but edible; and we hope the site will be popular with schools and uniformed groups as they learn about the food grown to win a war and the city’s link to rationing.


The site is complete with a former tennis court which we aim to revive by creating a MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) so that the community has a safe space for recreational sport activity. This project will form part of our vision for the area but will be delivered at a later stage.

Cultivate Aberdeen aims for all our projects to be community led so to be involved in either the design or delivery contact us.

Help Make This Become A Reality!

The entire site is currently owned by ACC and on their asset transfer list. It is our hope to secure a five year lease (licence to occupy) to start the process in November 2021 before securing it for the community through the 2015 Community Asset Transfer legislation. The licence to occupy will allow us to make concrete plans for the future; pulling in community ideas, fundraising, and making links with key stakeholders to make this project a lasting success. But we need your help! Please get involved by signing-up below to join our network of local support.

Hilton Local Network Support