Celebrating World Food Day 2020

Did you know that the first World Food Day was celebrated in 1979? Today, it is officially recognised and honoured with events in more than 150 countries! Every year, World Food Day has a new theme. This year (2020), the theme is Grow, Nourish, Sustain. Together.

We all know that 2020 has got off to a very unusual and challenging start with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic – and how much that has impacted on our lives. But look around you – nature hasn’t stopped. Fruit and veg has kept growing, and connecting with nature now more than ever is both meaningful and impactful; for the places and spaces around us but also for our physical and mental health.


Of course food poverty is another matter entirely and the pandemic has impacted on those suffering from food-insecurity the most. However help is there, whether it’s from CFine or Aberdeen City Council or a whole host of organisations working locally to ensure access to healthy food is not out of anyone’s reach so don’t be afraid to reach out – even to us!

But what positive impact can the crisis have on World Food Day? During the summer Cultivate was fortunate to be awarded funding for small growing kits which were distributed to those isolating and also the “growing curious”. Leaflets were included with regards to mindfulness and positive mental health as growing not only means food for the body, it can also mean food for the soul. As everyone knows getting out into the clean fresh air for a bit of gardening exercise is positive for mind and body too.

So not only can we grow for ourselves – we can grow for others which is why community gardens are so important – even in this time of social distancing. The plus for this activity is that it is outside and therefore under less constrictions than inside gatherings. And that is where the “together” part comes in. Together is quite challenging just now but being outside in nature, growing and sharing puts a smile on everybody’s face.

But what of “Sustain”? Sustainability is important now more than ever. But even there there is hope. Awareness is growing of buying locally grown produce and avoiding plastic packaging as much as possible. Attitudes are changing and that aids sustainability and is to be celebrated.

So we hope you have a meaningful World Food Day and savour whatever food may cross your plate!