Building a Bee Bank!

Have you seen our new bee bank?!

Did you know some bees nest in tunnels underground. This behaviour may seem strange and unusual but there are actually over 67 species in the UK that nest in this way.

Bee Banks are mounds of loose soil set aside for burrowing mining bees, where they will next in excavated tunnels in soft, sandy soil in areas rich in their favourite flowers.

Over the past few weekends we’ve been building our own at St Fitticks’ Edible Garden with the expert help of David from the Habitat People and a fantastic team of bee enthusiasts who did a great job. We’re sure the bees will be impressed with their multi-entranced, beautifully designed, new home and you can come and see it in person (but please be mindful not to disturb the bees).

If you want to create your own in your own garden or community space then it’s simple to achieve and don’t forget to take a picture and tag us so we can share your good work or use the hashtag #CultivateABDN.

  • There are some things you can do to help mining bee species in your area. Planting flowers mining bees love, giving access to drinking water and offering a bee bank creates the ideal environment for these vulnerable pollinators.
  • You bee bank should offer up to 60cm burrowing and a south-facing bank that catches as much warming sunlight as possible.
  • Make sure you keep close eye of your bee bank throughout the spring and summer months. Remove weeds as they appear and try not to disturb the bee bank throughout the year.