At Home with Teresa

How Does Your Garden Grow? A wee chat with Teresa one of Cultivate Aberdeen’s Trustees.

I have always enjoyed a spot of gardening – flowers are nice but to me the satisfaction of grass cutting, digging out weeds and above all veg growing are my biggest joys. I think it all started digging up tatties when I was five or six in my parents’ back garden  – wow! And just when you thought you’d dug them all up you’d fumble around in the soil and there’d be one last beauty ready to be plucked from the earth.

Spin on (quite a few years) and I was lucky to find that one of my community development roles included supporting a group of older ladies to develop a community growing garden in Torry. Their passion that the site should be for the whole community, and the site itself – overlooking the Bay of Nigg – were both inspirational.

However, the road to develop the garden was long and arduous due to lease reasons as much as anything else. Until… the group was introduced to Cultivate Aberdeen. George at Cultivate was a hit with the ladies and his support for the project was much appreciated. The ladies decided that this was the way ahead and I know they made the right decision to join forces.

Spin on a year and Cultivate were looking for new trustees and would I be interested? What was not to like? With another project waiting to be developed at Hilton, plus some fantastic ideas about how to develop both the community and the mental health benefits of gardening, it really was right up my street – or should I say garden path?

Since then we had the very successful Eden Project day with the community showing a big interest in and support for the St Fittick’s edible garden project. And then – covid struck! So our plans to finally get the garden growing (now that the lease was 100% secured) were put on hold. But there’s no stopping Cultivate – determined to support the community and connect over growing our veg packs were launched – free kits to those in the community who are isolated and/or providing a fun activity to boost spirits and encourage an interest in gardening.

So what next? These are uncertain times however Mother Nature doesn’t stop due to a virus and one of the flip side effects of lockdown has been an interest in all things nature, food and growing. Who knows? When we finally come out of this Cultivate might have “grown” more keen gardeners who will be keen to get involved in developing community gardens.

Thanks Teresa