At Home with Ruth

How Does Your Garden Grow? A wee chat with Ruth from the Torry Older People’s Network and Cultivate Aberdeen Volunteer. 

We checked in with Ruth to see how she was coping with the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. Ruth was one of the original members of the Network who had the vision of converting the St Fitticks’ deserted depot into a community garden which was then taken on by Cultivate Aberdeen.

Ruth – could you tell us what gardening means to you?

I just love my garden. Even things like pulling the weeds out. I’ve been sorting out the tulips and getting stuck into my own garden just now. It’s super planting things and seeing something at the end of it.

What about the Community Garden at St Fitticks’? 

It’s a great idea to do the community garden. We have had a few hiccups along the way but we will get there.

What about veg growing for beginners? 

Tatties! They are so easy. You just stick them in the ground and leave them. I planted my own tatties not that long ago and keep having a wee look at them to see if they are coming through.

How did you get into gardening?

It was my family. Dad aye had a plot. Mum was a great gardener too. She always said she wanted to be buried and not cremated – she wanted to “go in with the flowers!

How are you coping in the crisis? Do you have any tips for us?

What’s the sense of moaning and groaning about things? I just get on with it. You can’t sit down. You have to keep moving!

And what about life in Torry just now?

I’ve got great neighbours who help with heavy shopping items. Everybody round here is really good – that’s what this neighbourhood is all about!

This #MondayMotivation take a leap out of Ruth’s book and grow some easy tatties and keep moving to stay active, health, and the mind occupied. We’re bringing you wee stories from our volunteers over the next couple of weeks and if you want to get involved, share your thoughts around gardening, your tips for the season or for staying sane in lockdown then you can get in-touch via